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Cornerstone Foundation Ministries was founded in December 1999 by Francois de Wet and Allan Baird. At the same time, Cornerstone Multimedia and Cornerstone Publishers, were launched. The ministry is focussed on teaching aids, seminars and workshops to equip people to be successful and an asset in their churches and communities. We value each person's right to live by their convictions before the Lord. We want to create an environment where people can grow in the Lord without fear of being controlled, manipulated or rejected. True new testament leaders are servant leaders who have a desire to see God's people excell and grow into their calling and gifting in life. We believe that each person is unique and has a contribution to make in the Kingdom of God. It is as each person finds that place and begins to live it out, that it benefits the church and those in their circle of influence. The result is a community that is always actively living out the principles of God's Kingdom, thereby changing their world. We have a passion for local church and believe that people must be encouraged to be part of the body of Christ in a practical way in order to be a blessing.

Cornerstone Multimedia started very small and has grown beyond what we ever imagined in a very short time. We minister to more people through downloadable MP3 messages and YouTube videos, than our normal meetings. We continually receive news of people who have been touched by God's Spirit during the listening of these messages. Check the link to MP3's on this website as many of these messages are available for download. Cornerstone Foundation Ministries was birthed out of a desire to be a blessing to people, and we pray that the ministry you receive from us, will touch your heart in a very real way and change you and your circumstances. We believe that God's heart is for unity amongst churches and therefore also attend one of the many pastor's fraternals in the city. We also seek to build relationship with various of the leaders locally as an expression of our unity within the Kingdom of God.

In 2009, Francois had to make the difficult decision whether to continue with pastoring the church. He stepped down as a full time pastor and went into full time itinerent ministry, as well as ministry through Social Media platforms. The MP3 messages are from his time as pastor, as well as his ministry at various crusades, seminars and Bible schools. 2010 was a watershed year for us as we began to investigate and run tests for a proper video studio incorporating chromakey and visual aids such as powerpoint, videos, sketches, etc into the recordings. After 5 years of extensive testing and learning, we were eventually able to record a teaching session in real time with visiual aids incorporated, as well as do live streaming videos. This has greatly influenced the way forward and means that we can reach more people without huge expenses.